Thanks to Senators Tom Cotton, R Ark., and Sonny Perdue, R Ga., we now have a plan worthy of serious consideration, even implementation. Last week, they introduced legislation that, according to USA Today, that would the rules for becoming an American citizen and cut in half the number allowed in. The first is that people seeking to immigrate to America must possess skills qualifying them for a job, or have a job waiting so they would not become part of our bloated welfare and dependency culture.

On the right favorite websites as well as on Twitter, the conservative reaction to McDaniel loss was one of rage and sorrow. Even in those corners of the right wing Internet usually more devoted to stability, calm and deference to the GOP establishment, the

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belief that Cochran had survived McDaniel challenge by relying on Democratic voters African American ones, no less! inspired vitriol.

Probably more optimistic now about him potentially playing than I have at any point in time. But he still has a long way to go. The long road ahead for Bridgewater, who may not play in 2017, led to the Vikings not picking up a fifth year option on his contract that would cost more than $12 million next season, which Authentic Football Jerseys would have been guaranteed if he were still unable to pass a physical.

NEW YORK The retired federal agent who discovered what he believes is the first photographic evidence of Amelia Earhart alive and well after crash landing in the Pacific Ocean during her attempted round the world flight says he didn’t initially capture the significance of the image until years later.

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